Adoption Day!

Adoption Day!

Once we were totally sold on the idea of buying our own camper we went back and forth a bit about what exactly we wanted to buy. We knew we wanted something that fit the two of us comfortably but was also big enough to bring a friend or 2 along with us on trips here and there. It had to be reliable because we are planning on taking this bad boy all over. Like I’m talking Arizona one weekend, Maine the next. Okay that might be a stretch, but I think you get the point. We originally started looking at new campers and scheduled an appointment with Camping World in Apollo to check out what they had. There are lots of different options of campers you can purchase depending on what you’re interested in, but the travel trailers we were looking at ranged from $14,000 – $18,000. We considered taking out a loan together and making monthly payments but the more we thought about it we knew we could get a used camper for much cheaper. We have so much time to spend fixing it up however we want to make it our own.

That’s when we jumped on Facebook Marketplace and started searching. I’ve never actually purchased anything from the Marketplace before, but have definitely browsed. There are so many items that people are just looking to get rid of and you know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I also love the idea that you can do a little bit of creeping on the people selling the items and see where the items are coming from rather than trusting some shady Craigslist ad.

We found a 2005 21′ Sringdale that we really liked and was located in Lake Milton, Ohio. We reached out to the seller and made arrangements to come check it out over the weekend. That Saturday morning we made the hour and a half drive, and as soon as we got there the wife came out and gave us the grand tour. She was so cute and so excited to show us everything that she loved about it. She literally opened every single cabinet to show us how much storage space there was, opened the freezer so we could see how much ice cream could fit in there, turned on every light and the AC, and even had us lay on the beds to see how comfy the mattresses were.  

It was evident they took great care of the camper and were only selling it because they needed something bigger for themselves and their grandkids who lived right next door. You could tell how much she loved their grandchildren (I think she showed us every single picture she had of them in her phone). While we were chatting about family, we also learned that they were foster parents for numerous years – something we really enjoyed getting to talk to them about because we’ve discussed the idea of being foster parents ourselves someday.

There was one Sunday over the summer when D.J. and I were sitting on our back deck streaming church online and we just started talking about having kids someday and what that looked like. Oh my gosh you guys have to admit they would literally be the kindest, sweetest, most loving little humans. They would be the perfect combo of the both of us, can you even imagine the cuteness?! (Please see photos below for reference and you can draw your own conclusion)

We’re both 29 now and will be in our thirties before that’s even a possibility. Everyone knows that women over 35 are at greater risk of complications and if we’re gonna have 4 kids like I want (I’m not sure if I’m kidding about that number or not) we have many different options of what that could look like. Fostering/Adoption is definitely something D.J. and I would love to look into further if the time comes. Adoption already has a very special place on my heart. My dad, Uncle Jeff (my dad’s identical twin brother), and my Aunt Katie were all adopted as babies. I couldn’t even imagine a world where they weren’t here or part of my life. 

We knew making the decision to “adopt” the camper would open the opportunities to create so many new memories with the people we love the most and don’t get to see as often as we’d like because of distance. We let our new friends Roger and Venita know we’d love to take the camper off their hands. They asked us what we wanted to offer and without hesitation we offered the full asking price. I think so often we make decisions out of our own selfishness rather than thinking about the other person. I am seriously such a cheapskate, love a good deal, and am always trying to get things on sale, but we were already paying way less than we originally ever wanted to. We knew that whatever they got from selling this camper they were going to use to buy themselves a new one and were excited to be able to help be part of that.

We wrote them a check, they handed over the title, and October 24, 2020 became our very own Camper Adoption Day. We were excited to hit the road and start our new lives together, but we had one very minor problem. We literally had no way to get it home. At the time, D.J. had a Ford Fusion and I had a Ford Escape, neither of those could tow the trailer. So how the heck did we get this thing home? Stay tuned to find out in the next post! (I’ll give you a little hint: car vending machine)

Have you guys ever purchased anything from Facebook Marketplace before? Let me know what your favorite finds have been, I wanna know what kind of cool things you guys have gotten and what your experience was like.

Would you ever consider adoption or fostering yourself? Were you or someone else you loved adopted? I would love to hear how adoption has impacted your lives!

Meet Swabra. She is a seven year old girl from Uganda that D.J. and I are sponsoring through Compassion International. Through our sponsorship, we are helping to release her from poverty and develop into everything God intends for her to be. If you feel called to sponsor your own child or just want to learn more about the sponsorship be sure to visit