Getting D.J.’s Truck

This should be a no brainer but when you buy a camper you also kinda need to make sure you have something to tow it with so you can actually take it to all the places you want to go. I’m embarrassed to admit that thought literally never crossed my mind when I first agreed to buying one. In my defense I think I was still in the mindset of this all just being a dream. When we were on our road trip back home from Idaho this summer, we kept talking about how cool it would be to permanently travel the country in a camper working “remotely”. In my head I was literally thinking of the whole selling all your worldly possessions (including your car), packing up your belongings into a duffel bag, and just hitting the open road in one of those campers that you actually drive. Unfortunately, we’re not in a place in our lives to be doing all of that just yet, so for now we just needed something that we can take with us when we’re ready to pack up and go somewhere over the weekends. Which also means we need to have a vehicle that can tow the camper. Thankfully D.J. always thinks through every single detail and was already on top of this. He loved his Ford Fusion but had been talking about wanting a truck for a while anyways, and was okay with trading it in. We wanted to get something quickly and without all the hassle that comes with buying a car especially during COVID. After looking through all the available options, he bought a Chevy Silverado through Carvana because honestly what could be more convenient than a car vending machine?  

Fun Fact:
I love my vending machines. During my freshman year of college my roommate and I participated in a business concept competition. My childhood dreams of winning a big check someday came true and we came in second place for our idea for an umbrella vending machine, BrellaBox. (Ugh which I just recently found out someone else stole our idea and literally went on Shark Tank with it in 2016, same name and all smh)

Obviously I loved the idea that we’d be getting our truck from a car vending machine. Carvana really does make the whole process that goes into purchasing a car so simple. We buy everything else online these days, why not a car? If you’ve never heard of Carvana or don’t know how the vending machine works, you search online for the car you want to buy, pay for it by either financing through Carvana, financing through another lender, or paying with cash, and then decide if you want it delivered to you or if you want to pick it up. If you pick it up they give you a custom coin that you drop into the coin slot which then activates the vending machine to retrieve your vehicle from the Tower and brings it directly to a delivery bay. Sounds really fun right?! Well, sadly we wouldn’t know. When we went to pick it up the truck was just sitting in the parking lot in front of the building because apparently trucks don’t fit in the vending machine. I mean I get it, but that would honestly be our only complaint. Nowhere along the process did they call out that trucks don’t fit in the vending machines. If we would have known that then you best believe we woulda just had that thing delivered right to us. Oh well, we still got a picture acting like it just came out of the vending machine so please just pretend, thanks!

After we brought the truck home, we made plans with Roger and Venita to come pick up the camper that Sunday. Halloween was that weekend and poor D.J. didn’t even have his new truck for 3 days before somebody (not naming any gnomes) drank a little too much and got sick on the way home from a little get together with friends that Saturday night.

somehow D.J. managed to talk me into buying a brand new sewing machine to make those gnome hats but hey now we have one to make all kinds of things for the camper!

Don’t worry – no hangover was going to stop us from picking up the camper that next morning. When we arrived at Roger and Venita’s house the camper was right there in the front yard waiting for us. We got everything all hooked up (well D.J. did I was literally sitting in the front seat with my head against the window closing my eyes) and then we were on our way back home.  

There were still a few other things that we needed to get taken care of. Roger and Venita signed over the title to us but we had to make a trip out to State Farm to get it registered in Pennsylvania, get a new license plate and pay the PA sales taxes.

We currently live in a townhouse right outside of Pittsburgh and don’t have anywhere in our complex to keep the camper, so right now we have it parked at D.J.’s dad’s house. I am being so serious when I say we would not be able to take on this camper renovation without Don and I am so excited to introduce you all to him in my next post and share some really exciting news that he just received!

Anyone else purchase a vehicle through Carvana and actually get to use the Vending Machine? Send me any videos you have of your own experience!

Have you seen the BrellaBox episode of Shark Tank? Would you have given them a deal?

P.S. if anyone was wondering, D.J. still wears that gnome hat on a regular basis.

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